​​To our valued customers 

Over the years you have all been very supportive of the various adventures and challenges that Julia and I have endured. From the very start we have done our very best to put our best foot forward for our guests, who most, have become friends really. 
The time has come for us, just like others, where the powers that be, get to control our lives in such a way that we no longer find it possible to continue in such a way that would produce enough profits in our current location.
Our current lease ended On September the 30th 2017
We have done our best in order to align ourselves with a lease agreement that would be beneficial to ALL parties involved. Unfortunately we do not wish for the new demands of the Landlord 
Also, As you all know, there is a tremendous amount of construction going on in the neighborhood and has effected everyone in the vicinity

For this reason and a few others, we have decided to close ALL restaurant operations.
We feel the time is right for Julia and I to sit back, regroup and set new goals and challenges for ourselves

At this time, we wish we can all maintain our friendships and keep in touch. 
As you all know, we really appreciate our customers and have measured our success one empty plate at a time. 
All Facebook business pages and the various web pages associated will be removed

At this time I will be available for private parties and events only 
We can still be reached at teatrolimon@gmail.com and the same house phone number 322 225 2606
Please, in final, we ask that Julia and I have a little privacy in the end. This is a little tough for us, but exciting to see what our future brings at the same time 

Lets keep in touch shall we?

From the bottom of our hearts
Thank you, every one of you 

Bruce and Julia